We are a company that responds to the growing demand for multimedia content
generated by various internet platforms.
By the time consumers demand high quality content from companies, musicians and influencers,
their demand leads us to develop our work with creativity and under high standards.

At Paradox we stay at the forefront, and aware of the market needs;
we work in an efficient, passionate and committed way.


Audio post production for video, television, film, videogames or multimedia
involving recorded or synthetic sound.


  • Composition
  • Scoring (transcription on "paper")
  • Soundtrack (track selection)
  • Jingle
  • MIDI programming

Editing and Mixing

  • Audio correction and repair
  • Selection, integration and processing of sound recordings

Sound Design

  • Foley
  • FX (libraries and synthesis)
  • Environments
  • ADR (vocal re-recording)


Marco Vargas - Paradox Studios

Marco Vargas

Audio technician and operator, sound designer and composer. Certified in AVID ProTools, performs direct sound and post-production work for video.

Saúl Aguirre - Paradox Studios

Saúl Aguirre

Musician, composer, and audio producer. Artistic project management, performing musician, and live audio technician and operator. Certified in AVID ProTools.

Diego Castilla - Paradox Studios

Diego Castilla

He ventured into music as a guitarist and composer at an early age, to later dedicate himself professionally from the age of 16. Producer and Audio Engineer.


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